Between Real and Fake

Seoul, Korea  |  2016






APMAP 2016 [Amorepacific Museum of Art Project]

Mock-up building of Amorepacific HQ, Seoul Korea (designed by David Chipperfield)

Steel pipe, Steel plate, PVC mesh

405 x 420 x 500cm


In an unexpected space along the entrance way to the mock-up building, one's anticipation caused by the substantial concrete structure and the seeming elevator is unfamiliarly subverted. This leads to the subversion of the fixed conception of spaces and things and thereby bestows an intriguing significance upon the mock-up.

Visitors are welcomed by two elevator openings at the lobby. Instinctively they enter one of the openings and encounter unexpected loop of stairs going up and down leading to the other opening. Such a nonsensical moment elevates the meaning of the whole experience and the definition of mock-up, which is a fake building.

The steel stair structure is enclosed by PVC mesh of orance color which makes link to the safety fence at construction site of the real building