Green Sharing

Vancouver, Canada  |  2010





Floor area


Competition Entry - GREEN SHED: Pandora Park

Community Garden Design Competition

Storage, Greenhouse, Seating, Potting Table, Plantings,

Garden Beds

300 m²

Minsoo Lee (AnL Studio)

The proposal questions typical typologies of storage, in which items are contained inside enclosed spaces. It suggests instead a system of aggregated external storage units – units which differ in size as determined by the dimensions of equipment contained within.

The mobility and flexibility of the units’ organization is the key sustainable concept in realizing an innovative form of storage. Units are aggregated in a radial pattern around a wooden central core. Mounted on wheels, units can be deployed according to the user’s needs. The mobility of the units eases the effort of moving heavy equipments. Furthermore, this structure can readily adapt to changing demands with the insertion of additional units.

The proposal expands the function of this structure so that it serves as a public space for the community as well. When units are in use, the structure provides a dynamic shaded space where neighbors can gather to chat and to party.

Above the mobile storage units, there is a greenhouse supported by the wooden column and six posts. Transparent plastic bottles form the enclosure of the greenhouse. Each bottle will be installed by members of the Pandora Park community, so that the greenhouse itself will be the result of community participation.

The transparency of the greenhouse allows light in and simultaneously projects green outwards; this thus serving as a powerful metaphor for a sustainable community-owned tree.